About Us

Medical Success Systems, LLC (MSS) is an accounts receivable management company located in Hammond, Louisiana. We offer medical billing services, specializing in billing and collections for physical, occupational and speech therapy practices. We also have experience in billing for General Practitioners. 


The owners, Debbie Barberot, CPC, Renee Harrell and Bruce Harrell, CPA, have 38 years of medical billing & collecting experience and over 40 years of tax and financial reporting experience. The company guarantees a seamless transition to their collection system with impressive collection rates.


MSS performs daily billing and collecting for insurance and patient accounts, as well as assisting clinics in managing the information submitted for accuracy and completeness, so you receive the maximum reimbursement possible. MSS offers strong internal controls and stays abreast of policy and law changes affecting the practice.


Using MSS as an accounts receivable management company creates a layer between the clinics and their patients, so therapists do not have to deal with the challenges of collecting their hard earned funds--allowing you to concentrate on treating your patients.